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The Luthier Thickness Sander has a relieved face plate and a 2" diameter drum for sanding a 1" radius. This sander will ship with the 6" wedge and an 80-grit 6" abrasive sheet installed. The capacity is 1 5/16" under the drum.

Watch the comparison video by Steve McElhenny as he demonstrates both the Standard and Luthier Thickness Sanders.
This sander will be a special order and depending on demand, may require additional time for shipment.

Both Byrnes Thickness Sanders are designed to allow hobbyists to make their own lumber simply, quickly, and accurately - this precision-engineered machine provides an accuracy measured in thousandths of an inch. [specifications] [review]

The feed table is infinitely adjustable - each mark on the control wheel is approximately two thousandths of an inch adjustment in final thickness.

As with the 4" Table Saw, the Thickness Sander has a 1.5" ID hose connection - it's ready to connect to your shop vac or other dust collection system.

WHAT'S IN THE BOX: The Standard Thickness Sander ships with a 3" 80-grit sheet and a 3" 180-grit abrasive sheet installed on the quick-change drum with two 3" wedges, one to hold each abrasive sheet on the drum (see the photo below). The Luthier Thickness Sander ships with the 6" wedge and an 80-grit 6" abrasive sheet installed.

NOTE: both the 6" and 3" wedges, with either one 6" or two 3" abrasives, can be used on both sanders.
Order Byrnes Thickness Sander
SELECT 120v or 230v MOTOR
Quantity Description Each Action
120v Standard Thickness Sander $350.00
120v Luthier Thickness Sander $425.00
230v Standard Thickness Sander $375.00
230v Luthier Thickness Sander $450.00
Abrasive Sheet - 80-grit, 3in. [pic] $1.00
Abrasive Sheet - 180-grit, 3in. [pic] $1.00
Abrasive Sheet - 80-grit, 6in. $2.00
Abrasive Sheet - 180-grit, 6in. $2.00
6in. wedge - recommended for the 6in. wide abrasive $8.00
Set of two 3in wedges for 3in abrasive $8.00

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