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Table Saw Thickness Sander Disc Sander Ropewalk
I have a four thousand dollar table saw that never had anything about it that moves as beautifully as that fence does ...
- Stan

The Jim Byrnes saw is ... so accurate you can consistently cut plank strips down to a few thousands - thin enough to see light thru. My 2 cents worth - this is the highest quality I have ever seen!!!
- Ron R.

My saw arrived in good shape. I've set it up, changed the blade and cut a bunch of 0.042" decking material. The blade change would have been a lot faster if I had read your instructions first, but I'm an engineer and can fix anything.
- Pete

Jim Byrnes
Coming Soon - Jim's New Ropewalk ...!
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The shop will be closed Saturday, 8 May thru Monday, 24 May! We will do our best to ship the machine orders we currently have in-house by Friday, 7 May.

During this shut-down, orders may still be processed thru the website and small accessory orders will continue to be shipped. On all new MACHINE orders, shipping will resume Wednesday, 27 May.

On all new MACHINE orders, both shipping and international quotes will resume Wednesday,
27 May.

Thank you for your patience,

Donna and Jim Byrnes