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   Jim's Ropewalk   

Rope-making is a skill which dates back to pre-historic times ... scale rope making is, in many ways, even more difficult than making lengths of full-size rope. But no more!

Jim's variable speed Ropewalk is a precision machine which will produce scale rope in any length you need ...

First, some definitions ... threads or Fibers are twisted to the right to form Yarn; three yarns are twisted to the left to make a Strand; three Strands twisted to the right make a Hawser (or rope); three Hawsers twisted to the left form a Cable ... and four strands twisted around a single central strand of yarn is a Shroud-laid Rope.

Using Jim's Ropewalk, you can make 3- or 4-strand scale Strands, Rope and Cables - and even Shroud-laid Rope ...!

This Ropewalk is hand assembled from aluminum milled in our shop, with the same care and precision that goes into every Byrnes Model Machine. It comes with 4 Supply Spools, 1 Takeup Spool, and 5 dies for various sizes of finished rope; it includes a 1-year Warranty.

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  Ropewalk Machine
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Extra Supply Spool $1.75
Extra Takeup Spool $2.75
Replacement Belt Kit (3 Belts) $5.00
Replacement dies (10)  $5.00
Spring and washer pack $15.00

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