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Byrnes 4in. Variable Speed Disc Sander Tilt Table Changing the Disc Dust Port Machine Controls
Byrnes Model Machines
Designed and Built
By Modelers, For Modelers.
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Our new Variable-Speed Byrnes Disc Sander adds another level of versatility/precision to our existing Standard Disc Sander. [Review]

The DC motor on our Variable Speed Sander plugs into 110/230v (plug adapter may be required), and spins at 200-2000rpm. It's reversible, too, so both clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation is available to you.

Jim's preset pin stops make compound angles possible on both our Disc Sanders - and they're repeatable! The table can be locked independently with its own pin stops, one every 5 degrees ... heavy-duty friction locks on both sides of the 3/8" one-piece table will hold everything in place. The precision miter is the same one used on both the JimSaw and our Standard Disc Sander - lock it at any angle to the disc, or move the pin to any of the preset stops.

This sander ships with a second removable Disc, and more are available for purchase, enabling you to put different grits on each interchangeable Disc - without having to always remove the abrasive just to change the grit. And switching Discs is simple - unscrew three hex screws to remove it, and attach the second Disc with the same three screws. Under two minutes!

We offer both 4" 180- and 4" 320-grit abrasive available to purchase along with additional (replacement) discs - see the product list at the right.

The Byrnes Disc Sander has an integrated 1.5" dust port, and is powered by a 90V DC motor. All our machines are backed by our 1-year warranty.

Use this new Disc Sander once, and you'll wonder how you ever got along without it!

• One Byrnes Variable-Speed Disc Sander
• One extra disc (no abrasive)
• One miter gage
• One 4" 180-grit abrasive, installed

Order Byrnes Variable Speed Disc Sander
Quantity Description Each Action
120/230v Byrnes VS Sander (incl. 2nd Disc) $425.00
Additional (Replacement) Disc $10.00
Replacement Miter Gage for VS Sander  $45.00
Adjustable Miter Gage Extension $12.00
180-Grit 4in. Abrasive $0.50
320-Grit 4in. Abrasive $0.50

Chuck Passaro adds to his review:
"I almost forgot a unique and important feature of this little gem. I got so used to it I thought it was a standard feature on all disc sanders - but it's not. It is such a timesaver! This sander has a removable disc. If you examine the picture [third photo down on the left], you can see the disc is in two halves. This makes switching grits so much easier. In fact with the spare disc you can have one ready alongside the machine with a different grit. It has 3/32" hex driver with it so you can remove [the mounted disc]. The front disc is removed from the back ... through the slot on top of the motor mount, there are 3 screws that mount the front disc to the back. So removing the sandpaper is easier. You remove the entire disc and swap out the sandpaper, and then place the disc back on the machine. You could literally buy several of these discs and have them all ready with sandpaper [of different grits], and you are ready for the quick change."
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